The complexity of hardware and software environments is increasing exponentially. Simplifying and automating the deployment and management of these complex solutions is at the core of what we do.

Industrial Complexity

Providing familiar, repeatable steps allows operational staff to focus on those steps unique to a deployment. The outcome is significantly increased deployment efficiency and productivity.

Solution Repeatability
Solution Stack

While this is key for individual environment builds already, this repeatability is indispensable for scaling individual builds to large numbers of endpoints and across multiple locations.

Using Solution Blueprints created and tested by DevOps teams,  SCAIL's web user interface allows multiple organizations to come together to collectively deliver high volumes of point and click deployments.

This not only optimizes staff and skillset availability, but it also eliminates organizational boundaries and untimely paper processes leading to highly accelerated time-to-revenue and reduced cost.

Workflow Queue

Our web user interface allows many operations staff in various organizations to collectively deploy environments using known and tested templates. This maximizes collaboration, minimizes mistakes, and eliminates costly delays.

SCAIL allows you to decide how automated your deployments should be, where review and oversight should be focused, and provides a mechanism for diverse roles to collaborate in doing so.

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