Consistently deploying a complex solution at many locations starts with a solid solution design. OasisWorks SCAIL utilizes language-specific endpoint adapters to abstract the interfaces of diverse hardware and software endpoints into a common object model.

Endpoint Adapters

SCAIL generates a single API and a base set of workflows from the model that provide a comprehensive set of lifecycle operations.

Blueprints capture a specific object model, API definition, and the associated workflows needed to deploy and manage a wide variety of hardware and software endpoints.

Git Ops

DevOps organizations looking to support infrastructure-as-code and GitOps methodologies can continuously integrate source file data and workflow scripts to source repo tools such as GitHub, GitLab and Artifactory.

Build and deploy automation tools such as Jenkins and Circle CI can easily integrate with SCAIL’s Smart API and Deployment Repo to automatically create and commit Change Sets and Workflows to realize widescale continuous deployment.

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