When multiple stakeholders must collectively deploy and manage a common set of resources strict governance is required to keep everyone in their respective lane.

Using pre-composed blueprints allows many operations people to repeatably drive consistent workflows. This leads to reduced dependency on individual contributors and provides organizational continuity for increasingly complex deployments.


Unlike scripting tools, SCAIL retains a persistent record of the configuration changes and workflows used to deploy environments. The result is auditability for corporations operating under strict regulatory frameworks.

Persistent Record

OasisWorks SCAIL was designed from the start with multi-tenancy and advanced user management in mind. It supports the creation of many tenant accounts, organized in a flat or hierarchical relationship, presiding over the same community of hardware and software endpoints.  Within each tenant, SCAIL provides very sophisticated Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities.

Consistency and repeatability not only improve conformance, but they also result in improved organizational efficiency, reduced cost, and increased uptime.

Whether it’s multiple organizations in the same company or a complex value chain with a hierarchy of multiple companies, the tools used must support these governing relationships or they become segregated and duplicated leading to additional complexity and cost.


Governing complex deployments can significantly implicate the tools that support them. Managing permissions for various roles within more than one organization in the same tenant is enough to break most tools. Supporting multiple tenants in various relationship structures (and per-user RBAC granularity within each tenant) gives SCAIL the flexibility to accommodate the most complex use cases.

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