Maintaining an up-to-date view of your hardware and software inventory, and an auditable history of their deployment, provides the foundation needed to see where your resources are.

Energy Inventory

OasisWorks SCAIL utilizes multiple database types with a common API that collectively provide a unique combination of aggregated configurations and operational data.

Whether for executive reporting, capacity planning, cost analysis, update cycles or end-of-life, having real-time visibility of hardware and software inventory locations, counts, deployment states, versions and cost provides multiple organizations with an integrated source of truth.

SCAIL’s ability to compare what has been installed with what was supposed to be installed saves invaluable time, resources and avoids further deployment complications.


SCAIL's integrated view of persistent configuration, operational, and statistical data results in a multitude of real-time reporting capabilities previously only available using static analysis of multiple data sources - increasing the potential for stale decision making. Its audit trail of deployment changes, who made them, and when they were made, establishes it as the most reliable single source of truth.

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