Over time, deployments need maintenance. Whether its capacity changes, migrations, upgrades, or end-of-life events, planning these changes can be even more complex than the original deployment.

Day 1

OasisWorks SCAIL retains a persistent record of the configuration changes and workflows used to deploy environments. Thus, day-n operational changes like environment duplication, configuration adjustments and re-deployments become much simpler when the scope of changes are deltas from the original data.

This leads to increased planning velocity, better organizational agility, increased productivity, ultimately reducing operational costs.

Day N

Catastrophic outages not only impair your ability to generate revenue, but they also cause customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately lead to customer churn. Anticipating issues before they turn into significant events is key to maintaining solution uptime and reducing the severity of unforeseen issues when they do occur.

In addition to collecting operational, statistical, and event data directly from hardware and software endpoints, SCAIL supports complex event operations such as detecting threshold crossings or determining when an endpoint configuration has unexpectedly drifted.

Config Drift
Alarm Notifications

When unexpected critical events do occur, SCAIL automatically generates alarms that support notifications, acknowledgement, and clearing.

Quickly triaging critical alarms and determining root cause is paramount. SCAIL’s ability to collect detailed logs and correlate them with other data sources like configuration changes, event incidents and downward trending KPIs, quickly provide the necessary information for this analysis.

Config Remediation

Collecting and storing health, stat metric and event data not only provides the data to support KPIs, it also often predicts issues before they occur. Ultimately, minimizing the impact of issues increases customer satisfaction yielding more revenue and less churn.

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