integrated platform

Using separate tool frameworks to design, deploy and monitor environments creates integration, collaboration, and reporting complexity leading to a duplications of functionality, integration complexity, inefficient processes and substantial operational costs.  

Lifecycle Mangement

SCAIL converges many different IT tool frameworks into a unified platform. Integrating identity, inventory, configuration, workflow, time-series, and logging into a single source of truth not only provides integrated access to various types of data, but it also surfaces additional insights at the intersection of that data.

endpoint diversity

The time, cost and complexity of integrating a wide variety of hardware and software endpoints is significant. Being able to perform the same set of operations and having a common user experience (regardless of the endpoints being managed) are imperative to manage solutions at scale.

Endpoint Adapters
Object Model

SCAIL uses language-specific Endpoint Adapters to integrate and abstract the specifics of each type of hardware and software endpoint under management. The result is a consistent API and web user interface experience for common lifecycle operations. From server hardware, firmware, operating systems, hypervisors, container runtimes, applications, and back-office systems, to industry specific IoT devices, SCAIL supports very diverse endpoints in a single platform.

scalability & flexibility

SCAIL is a cloud-native framework of web-scale micro-services, deployed in a distributed architecture.


Whether it's automating private cloud servers in a data center, deploying edge compute at locations such as retail offices and production facilities, or operating multi-vendor CPE devices across the country, SCAIL supports millions of geographically distributed hardware and software endpoints.

risk mitigation

With intimate visibility of low-level firmware through application software, SCAIL can identify outdated versions associated with known Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVEs) and automatically remediate them.

Risk Mitigation

SCAIL significantly reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities in customer deployments by simplifying the process of keeping firmware and software up to date.

increased productivity

Over time, deployments need maintenance. Whether its capacity changes, migrations, upgrades, or end-of-life events, planning these changes can be even more complex than the original deployment.

Manual Steps

Because OasisWorks SCAIL retains a persistent record of the configuration changes and workflows it used to deploy environments, day-n operational changes such as environment duplication, configuration adjustments and re-deployments become much simpler when the scope of changes are deltas from the original data.

Automated Steps

This leads to increased planning velocity, better organizational agility, increased productivity, ultimately reducing operational cost.


Unlike most infrastructure-as-code tools that automate using source files and fire-and-forget scripts that must be integrated with a continuous integration tool to retain any history, SCAIL uses persistently stored transactional workflows and retains as-built records to provide organizational consistency, repeatability, and traceability.

IT-OT Governance

SCAIL offers state-of-the-art multi-tenancy, organized in flat or hierarchical relationships and very sophisticated Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities.


SCAIL reduces the deployment time of highly complex cluster deployments from months to hours, significantly reducing time-to-revenue and cost. The SCAIL patented web user interface makes managing complex clouds extremely intuitive allowing non-DevOps staff to perform highly complex tasks.


Real-time operational data collection and persistent storage provide immediate visibility to endpoint health. Event, KPI collection and alarm notifications simplify triage remediation, reducing impacts and increasing overall uptime.

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