The importance of keeping the firmware associated with deployed hardware, and the software that resides on that hardware, up to date could not be more profound considering the frequency and severity of security exploits.

In many cases fixes for the vulnerabilities existed but hadn’t been deployed due to the scope of determining which endpoints to be updated, the complexity of planning the update process, and the sheer human resources needed to accomplish it in a timely fashion.

Network CVEs
Server CVEs

OasisWorks keeps track of all the hardware, firmware and software versions deployed and managed by SCAIL and continuously compares deployed software with known Common Vulnerabilities &Exposures (CVEs).

Once a CVE is identified, it alerts IT Ops of the issue and identifies all impacted endpoints. Remediating exposure is as easy as running automated workflows to patch existing versions or redeploy replacement solution stacks.


The frequency of vulnerabilities is increasing with enormous economic cost on impacted corporations. As deployments scale in size and complexity, the scope of dealing with more frequent vulnerabilities grows exponentially.

Using manual processes and more staff to remediate vulnerability exposures is not sustainable. SCAIL provides an automated process for keeping firmware and software deployments up to date, significantly lowering the risk of exploits being realized.

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